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It's not night-time I fear,

nor the building, so tall.

For sleep, I elude,

to not to watch her fall.

Her eyes are mine,

we share her viewpoint.

I do not care now,

for who's sins I anoint.

But each night I dream,

and fall just the same.

The image leaves as quickly,

as it first came.

One level closer,

to the ground each night.

She taunts me with pavement,

but I awake in a fright.

But what for tomorrow?

We've reached level one.

This hellish, haunted high-rise,

weighs more than a ton,

upon my mind and my soul,

the warmth has been left,

within the blankets of the bed

in which I had slept.

The bed that I shared

with my lover now gone,

I welcome her now

as she had once done.

I see her in the distance,

Smiling, from afar,

Her welcome, but a whisper,

Her eyes, but shining stars.

Come now, she said,

as open arms beckoned.

Her revenge, set in stone.

My acts, have been reckoned.

Step on a crack,

and you'll break your back.

She makes the rhyme true,

my life fades to black...

Created: Jun 22, 2017

Tags: poetry, theme, fiction, dark, weeklywritingchallenge, poem, death, murder, original, revenge

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