The Book of Fuck

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As prophesied, one day Fuck came to life.

In all its glory.

Kind of like Erebus...or Pinocchio...but different.

(I bet you're trying to imagine what Fuck looked like, aren't you? are.)

Looking into the mirror, Fuck exclaimed, "Fuck me!"

Then Fuck went out into the village.

Each villager Fuck passed, asked "What the Fuck?"

Fuck answered "Yes" to each one.

Then Fuck went into each shoppe (it was an Old English Village).

In each shoppe, the proprietor would say, "Get the Fuck out!"

And so Fuck would leave.

Finally Fuck came across another Fuck.

"Wanna fuck?" asked the other Fuck.

"Why do I feel like that's a rhetorical question?" asked the first Fuck.

"Fuck you!" said the other Fuck.

"I think I'm confused...but yes, I am me," said the first Fuck.

"I don't give a fuck!" said the other Fuck.

"Gosh, you mean you don't give me to myself?" said the first Fuck.

And on and on it went...

for what seemed like a eternity.

Or at least 20 fucking minutes.

The End

Created: Jun 22, 2017


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