God's Noir Period

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GOD is at a computer terminal.  ANGEL floats in.

GOD: This new creation software saves a lot of time.  I've made five new species this morning already.

ANGEL joins GOD at the terminal and scrolls through images of GOD's creations: a zebra, an orca, a skunk, a dalmatian, and a panda.

ANGEL: I see you've discovered the 'black and white filter'.

GOD: Everything looks better in monochrome. I think people will really start taking my work more seriously now.

ANGEL: No more parrots then?

GOD: No, they were far too gaudy.  Oooo what does this button do?

The panda on the screen changes into a brown bear.

ANGEL: That's 'sepia tone'.

GOD: I feel another phase coming on!

Created: Jun 22, 2017

Tags: god creates, panda, black and white, monochrome, angel, sepia

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