The Stairs of Despair

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Thump, thump, thump! Ooof! Those dreaded carpeted stairs, they've been the fall of every human being in this house. I've been upstairs gaining the courage to make my way down them. My mother's friend is down there with her attractive sons. "I can do this." I breathe in a large breath and prepare myself for the graceful decent down the stairs to greet said young men. 

I exit the comfort of my room and walk down the pathetic excuse of a landing. There they are, the stairs of opportunity. One of these young gents is bound to see my graceful decent and be captivated by me. Why shouldn't they? I take a step down and then another, my heart pounding from my nervousness. Another step down and I only have ten more to go.

The stairs of opportunity suddenly become the stairs of despair as I slip on the carpet that covers them. My round rump makes contact with the stairs over and over again only to be thrown from them. The floor greets me harshly and the voices emerge asking if I'm ok.  I can feel the heat on my cheeks as they fill up with the pink blush of embarrassment.  Dear God those dreaded carpeted stairs, too many have traveled your path of pain!

Created: Jun 21, 2017

Tags: non-fiction, story, emabarrassment

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