"I Got The Job!" Poem

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the sign was clear of a coming tear

that rose within a subtle fear

she put her feet onto the ground

wanted anything but feeling down

that morning jacket looked so new

how good she looked in it too

she put that butter on a bread

starting fresh while feeling dead

the sunlight burned all her lies

too bright to see through those eyes

she braved it through at nine a.m

knowing well her day was damned

she took a busride to the city

it's happy to see those kids so witty

she saw the sign across the bridge

wondering if she will get hitched

she walked in with a giant heart

with a smile that made her look so smart

there was some spirit in the room

and a bit of smell of mixed perfumes

she sat and stared her eyes so wide

recalling words she preached all night

there was a lady on her left

she seemed so tortured like missing meth

she smiled softly with shaking lips

like an expert dancer with shaking hips

the bell was rang it's now her time

to seize the day that worth a dime

she stepped in with an open mind

hoping they see how she could shine

the race went well like a fast rabbit

though some her words were missing beats

she walked home after with her jaw dropped

reminiscing on that silly spot

came home and prayed all night long

for God to see how much she longed

it's been two weeks since that day passed

she knew her hopes would never last

she shut the door and began to cry

asking all the reasons why

some may say third time's a charm

that third Monday of the month

she was feeding her baby brother

forgotten her chance other people remembered

that phone rang so she got up

the fear and excitement accidentally swapped

that news so new she never knew

her first insight was falsely true

her words so brutal but payed off in total

how come luck can be so vocal?

she sat and looked into her brother's eyes

telling him her fears were lies

now it's her third day at the office

with the best moment and sinless bliss.




Created: Jan 30, 2011


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