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I'm definitely not good at this, but it's funny.

Who am I and what do I do?

I am Carlos, and my friends call me Charlie. I'm a professional translator and interpreter. I write, cook and play guitar... yes, at the same time hahaaha. Occasionally I do other stuff, but...who don't?

What's the origin of my artist name?

Well, Charlie was taken and I was too lazy to think about another one. When it comes to pseudonyms I'm really bad.

What has been my biggest challenge with my art so far?

To match inspiration and will to write. Sometimes I find it hard to find the persona (lyric speaker) on my writings, and I usually hit "play" on my head and while I write there's a movie rolling in my mind. Sometimes the movie rolls automatically and I can't hit "pause", so when I try to remember  in order to write I just mess it up.  The rest of the time I have the urge to write, but the "play" button doesn't work and I end up so's difficult to let it happen at the right time.

Who or what is my biggest influence?

They are so many that I'll try to mention the first ones I can think of. Books like Cyrano d' Bergerac, This Side of Paradise, Authors like John Milton, Poe, Bukowski, Huidobro, Rimbaud, Cortázar, lots of movies (I've seen more than 1.250) and musicians( from brutal death metal to classical music). More than influences I think that my goal is to make readers feel less alone, or at least understood, that there's someone that thinks or feels like them somewhere.

What is my wildest story?What is the last book I read?

Usually my wild stories involves a lot of alcohol, mixed memories and fights... and they are too long to write them here. Now I'm more like an old lady, in bed all day writing, reading or watching videos, drinking tea mostly. The last book I's hard to tell, because I usually read poems and short stories. I'd say Leaves of Grass by Whitman, first edition.

If I could be any character in fiction, who would I be?

Amory Blaine

What couldn’t I live without?

Old me would probably say music and alcohol. New me says art in every shape, color and way. Also good food and people to share all these things.

What is my secret talent?

I won't say "it's secret, that's the point". I think my secret talent is to do looots of things, but not be the best at any of them.

Tell me about the last dream you remember having?

I remember having cool dreams, but the last dream I remember? I can't say. That's hard.

What am I craving right now?

OMG I'm an old lady hahahaaha I was eating some cookies and drinking some tea. In my defense I'm a bit under the weather and it's winter down here in Chile.

What was the last song I fell in love with?

I'm the mountain - Stoned Jesus

Can I hula hoop?


What do I like?

I'm gonna steal a friend's phrase here. "I'm a free thinker.NO, I'm a free feeler." I like experiencing food, music, films and people.

What I don't like?

well the list is so long you're going to think that I truly am an old lady hahahaaha

What’s the best piece of advice I’ve been given?
Live a life worth dying for.

How and why did I start RECording?

I remember being at home watching tv and suddenly it appeared Joseph Gordon Levitt on it, presenting a new show. I love his acting career so I kept watching. It was the second chapter of season 1 I think. That's why I know HitRECord. I joined because nobody wants to hire me as a translator so I made a twitter account just for boredom and the silly occurrence  that I would find a job there. Suddenly I saw Joe's profile and I remembered the show and everything. So I logged in and said: you know what? I'm going to start writing  in English.

Created: Jun 20, 2017


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