The Swimming Pool

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A classmate, Bella, was to transfer into another school, LaSalle Academy and my sixth-grade class took a field trip to see Bella's new school. We took a tour of the place, which was huge compared to our middle school's three hallways. At one point of the tour, we were shown the swimming pool. It had a high diving board and we were all welcome to climb to the top of it. Nobody was prepared for a swim so we were not expected to jump in but when it was my turn, I tried to imitate those who had climbed up before me by feigning a dive and I fell off the diving board in the process. My math teacher helped me out of the pool and as she did, asked rhetorically, "Why must you ruin everything?" 

Created: Jun 20, 2017

Tags: school days, dream, class trip, pool, messed up

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