Because, I don't want to!

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-Do yoy wanna go outside?

-No! Hell no! It's too hot outside. I'll be sweat! And don't get me started with the moisture . It's sucks outside! The people are all too many and speaking too much and they  are all gonna smell sweat too!  No! Hell no! And the traffic? Not to mention the traffic; the car's noises  and the smell of gas and the commotion.  All the coffee shops are gonna be closed, or gonna have too much crowd, or expensive, or they gonna play so bad loud beat music. I don't wanna go out.

- ok..! Maybe another time.

(next scene)

( The negative person is alone in his/her living room, it's night, the tv is open and it's making noise, the lights are off . He'She is watching to the vacancy for a long time, and after a while he/she is starting to cry.)

Created: Jun 20, 2017


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