"Dark Dreams"

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You stand in the light yet you're wearing the gloves that are black, pretending you don't have the knife that will slice into someone's back…
You remove your cloak with that perfect face and those green eyes, But in the night you haunt
those you love that will surely expire.
You're an angel in the day, wearing white and a predator at night that only smells death and fear is a delight..
We all wear masks and pretend or lie… But this is the monster in our nightmares, so prepare to die..
I'm afraid, I'm scared I want to run and it's so dark out here....but I got a gun..please be a human not a monster so I can shoot you dead and I can go to sleep and wake up normal in my happy bed..
Alexis Van Der Gaag
Written just now. June 20 11:19 PM.

Created: Jun 20, 2017


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