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The sea just overtakes me

As the water begins to rise

These thoughts in my head swimming

I'm drowning despite the tries

The silhouette of the life guard

Swimming out from beyond the shore

Water fills my lungs

But my screams just bring in more

The panic is dying off now

It's kind of peaceful here

As I'm sinking to the bottom

My mind begins to clear

Maybe it was an overreaction

Maybe I overstepped my bounds

I'm being dragged out of the water

Now lying lifeless on the ground

Stirring in my coma

Trying to find something I might have missed

Running towards the lighted tunnel

I'm awakened by your kiss

A single thought remains

As the water leaves my lungs

Stay here by my side

Because I'd die without your love.

Created: Jun 20, 2017


50ShadesOfRay Document Media