The Great Ajedork

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I am surrounded by idiots. How come, a magnificent, intelligent and perfectly created being like me could end up exactly the way I did? 

Neither of you are capable enough to understand me, but I just might tell you the story behind my sorrow. 

One upon a time I, the Great Ajedork, was the only soldier alive after the Musk War. I was the only one able to survive and kill every single one of the enemy soldiers. It took nobody's help. I could have been there on my own and still won without a doubt. 

However, nobody really believed I was strong enough. Idiots. Now they're all dead and, honestly, the world is much better without the lousy army they put together to defend our country. 

Anyway, back to me. As soon as I returned as a victor to the country, everybody threw me away, as if I hadn't done anything at all for them. Well, big news for all of you, I did it for me and only me. And get this, I mean if you can: if it weren't for the Great Ajedork, they would all be both stupid and dead. 

All I ever asked for was a throne, a big fortune and a princess for myself. I saved all of those idiots and it was the least they could pay back with. 

I guess they can't recognise a good being when they see it. 

Created: Jun 20, 2017


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