Dust (full video)

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Here's a video I did for Ashley Rose Couture's new collection. I uploaded the wrong full video before, whoops. It's hot AF here and I'm sweating like a bastard and my underwear is rolling into fat-crevices that I didn't know existed so pardon my lack of not being able to think, I'm dying.  Anyways, here's the full video without words and credits and music smashed all up in it. Do what you wish with this- have fun!

Here's the video credits:


KAREN JERZYK:                                         DIRECTOR/VIDEO/SET DESIGN

JESSE KORMAN:                                        VIDEO

AVIV GRIMM:                                               MODEL


KARLA LOPEZ:                                             MODEL

EMILIA PUPECKI:                                       MODEL

MCKENZIE LEEK:                                       MAKEUP

STEPHANIE BARTLEY:                            HAIR

TINA KEANE:                                                 LOCATION

BRIAN MANN:                                              ASSISTANT

Created: Jun 19, 2017

Tags: 16:9, b-roll, actors, live action, high definition, raw footage, fashion, dream, nightmare, child, oddities, oddities project, oddity challenge, oddity, costume, design, ballet, women, worms, dirt, dust, surreal, slow motion, remix this, white, bed, sleep, monster

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