Every single night...

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I wish I would fall asleep right away. I wish I wouldn't think of anything, just clear my mind and sleep... Why have I this permanent feeling of danger? Right there, in my stomach, as something isn't right. I shouldn't be so anxious, I'm doing what I like, I'm surrounded by nice people, I shouldn't be so worried. So why this feeling is still here?? Maybe I should think more of what I'm going to do in August... I should think think think! Or I'll just end up living with my parents, with no job, regretting everything I haven't done. Why has he written to me? Maybe he just wanted to chat a bit... What if he likes me? Do I like him? Should I had answered something else? Had I been too nice? Or not so nice... Should I write him? But if I write him, he could think that I'm interested... Am I? Why can't I just be cool about this? Why can't I just SLEEP. I'm gonna be so tired if I don't sleep right now. I must breathe. Inhale and exhale. I should be more relaxed and think less. I should turn off my brain. What if I decide to go on a trip? I have to earn some money first. But what if the acting lab starts earlier and I'm traveling and I can't come back in time. Will I ever be in time for anything? I don't think so... Why I worry so much? I wanna go to the concert, but there are too many things that won't fit together... I can't think now, I must sleep, I must sleep!!! 

Created: Jun 19, 2017

Tags: thoughts, thoughts that keep you from sleep, worried mind, sleep, thinking too much

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