2017 Goals Update (Part Deux)

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Back in January, I believe someone posted a challenge: To write your goal(s) for 2017. I checked-in around March, and now I'm checking-in again in June. 

 Here is the original post:

My goals this year:

1. To find a reason to smile every day.

2. To write one positive thing that happened each week and to reflect upon those positive moments when I'm feeling down.

3. To publish an article in a professional journal related to my field.

The Update:

1. I'm still working on it. I find more reasons to smile at home than at work as of late. I'm still struggling to find my place in my new work environment (It's coming up on year 2, and it doesn't feel like home...yet. I'm not sure it ever will.)

2. I'm right on track. I have at least one positive memory from each week captured on paper and sitting in a jar on my desk at work. I'm a teacher, so I'm not sure if I'm going to bring that jar home, or if I'll start a summer jar at home and bring those memories into work in Sept. Any thoughts on that one? I'd love to hear what you all think I should do. 

3. I published an article on a professional blog...I don't think that *really* counts...but hey, the digital realm is shifting. I have two other pieces in the works- one for a professional journal, and one for a national publication. So, we'll see. *Fingers crossed.*

Created: Jun 19, 2017

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