One Halloween Night (translated)

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vigitter wrote a lovely story based on illustrations by naogmund. It's warm and charming, I love the message within its simplicity and the play on light (and dark). So, I translated it. Thanks also to my friend Shiy for proofreading.

Translation below. Just a note that I sometimes chose smoother sentences over accuracy, but I tried to keep the feel intact. Feel free to edit. The video is just to give a rough idea of how the lines read with the illustrations. (I went with subtitles only because I don't do readings. I know some of the words are a little hard to read, sorry, I did get lazy there.) It's super low-res, so use the original video/ images if you're editing.

I'd love to see music added, maybe the the video tidied up a bit, and an English reading perhaps?


This is a tale of one Halloween night.
Mister Moon said to everyone,
"Do you know that there will be a wonderful party tonight?"

"Where will it be held?"
In unison, they asked Mister Moon.
"In the castle over on that hill,"
said Mister Moon.

Now, if that isn't something to look forward to. Together, the friends of the forest began their preparations for the party.
"Are you ready?" asked Mister Moon.
The bright cheerful answers from all resounded through the dark forest.

The dark forest lit up as the friends who had completed their preparations set off to the music that could be heard from the castle.

However, Peter the flustered pumpkin was late for the party and left all alone.
The brightly glowing lantern dimmed, and all the more lonely, he cried.

Hearing the lonely-sounding sobs of Peter, Mister Moon called to everyone.
Immediately, they gathered around Peter.
By the light of the lantern - alit once again as Peter cheered up - and under the glow of Mister Moon,
The party merrily began.

The End

Created: Jan 30, 2011


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