Como te ven te tratan

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There is an old saying in spanish that my dad always says; "Como te ven te tratan." I don't know if there is anything similar in english. It translates to; "The way that THEY see you is the way that they treat you." This means that if you want to be treated like a decent person, you ave to look pretty.

In my opinión, there are so many levels of wrong in this particular way of thinking. I don't even know where to start.

First of all, what it means to look "decent" or "pretty" in order to be treated correctly, to be treated as a person with oppinions, thoughts and memories. This way of thinking "entitles" people to be rude to other people, since they do not look decent, then they don't deserve to be treated decently. In this way of thinking, any man who doesn't wear a suit to work, or any woman who is not wearing a dress or a skirt reserves to be treated like scum, however if said dress or skirt are a bit too short, then we go back to scum. No one should ever feel entitled to treat another person as if they were beneath oneself.

Secondly, it makes it right for people to make assumptions about another person, when in fact, people can surprise you. Not because I don't wear dresses or makeup being a girl means that I'm a dump person. The fact that I'm blonde says nothing about my intelligence.

Lastly, and probably the most important of all. Popular sayings and proveerás are a little piece of wisdom. Things that are supposed to be learned from past experiences. 

I ask myself how are estereotipes and entitling people to be rude to each other a piece of wisdom, today?

I understand that these things come from experiences in the past. Surely in some point of history this was relevante, and maybe even necessary. The way that you dressed said a lot about who you were as a person. However, today, fourtunately its different. Tattoos are no longer reserved for mean dishonest people, as suites no longer mean hardworking men.

Proverbs have an expiration date and words are some of the strongest things that we have. We should  think more about the effect that our words have on other people, and only after that, think about the effect that they have on ourselves.

Created: Jun 18, 2017


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