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i don't really have anything majorly creative to contribute here. but i was reading some of the examples of cognitive bias, and a few stuck out to me:

recency: i've been shopping for school a lot lately, and one of the things i do is look at reviews. i always go to the one star ratings first and work my way up, but i'm always more likely to consider purchasing the item if the four and five star ratings were generally more recent than the one and two star ratings. the opposite is also true:  i probably won't consider buying the item if a one star rating has been published more recently than a five star rating.

planning fallacy: being an avid planner, this is one example i've often fallen victim to. so much so that i now have a habit of severely overestimating the time i need in response- like for instance, starting back to school shopping in june. is there a name for a phenomenon developed in response to the knowledge of a fallacy?

not invented here: this bias reminded me of an incident that happened recently to me. i had found a product i liked online, and as usual, i went to the one star reviews first. i noticed one in all caps, and immediately assuming there was something very wrong with the product (capital letter bias?), i read the review. it turns out, the reviewer had ordered the product specifically because it had been manufactured in the us, but was outraged when the product arrived with a tag that said "made in china." he said he would be returning it immediately. this amused me greatly, but i think this mindset is significantly more prevalent than i thought, especially in this particular country and during this particular time period. 

the spotlight effect: the explanation of this bias brought to mind something my teacher said during a yoga unit at school: "you may think other people are looking at your awkward pose, but the truth is they're all concentrated on their own awkward poses." 

i like this concept. i think it's really interesting how there's a psychological name for pretty much every mindset that people have, and i'm definitely going to do more reading up on these.

Created: Jun 18, 2017

Tags: cognitive bias, thoughts, writing

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