The Ultimate Break Up Playlist and How to Use it

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The Walters - I love you so

1 cup    fresh wounds from your cheating ex 

2 tablespoons    total denial

1/4 teaspoon    too numb to cry

5   reasons to stay, sliced

5 1/2    reasons to leave

2 cups   self respect, minced

Fuck them. Plug in your earphones. Dial up the volume. Lie down someplace warm. Someplace safe. Curl up in a ball. Crying is optional. Simmer in the bitter sweet comfort of your choice to leave. Let sit for 3 days mourning period. Garnish with alcohol, if necessary.

City and Color - Lover Come Back

3 pounds   deep regret
1   who got away
12 ounce   self-hatred

2/3 cup   incredible longing

Preheat yourself for a feels train. Add happy memories of long ago. Visit old places you used to frequent together. Understand why it didn't work out. Sprinkle appreciation for what you onced shared. Overwhelming self hatred may boil at this point along with 3 pounds regret. Add a dash of pride that you at least got to grow with them, for a time. Finish, with acceptance that it might never happen again.

LP - Lost on You

1   soulmate (an ex-partner-in-crime will do)
1   thick cloud of smoke

2 glasses   unexplicable feeling of being incomplete

4 pounds   memories, minced
2 1/2 cups  unwanted freedom
1   longing for a home

Stir everything into one giant bowl of highs and lows, until mixture has a soul crushing consistency. Serve cold. 

Lianne La Havas - Ghost

1/2 pound   friendship

1/2 pound   misunderstood affections

5   unanswered questions, juiced

2 cups   self-blame

Firstly, pretend that you're okay. There was nothing there in the first place. Ask self if there was anything there in the first place. Second, beat self up for messing up 1/2 pound friendship. Pour 5 unanswered questions whenever you meet them but only silently, since you want to seem cool despite the 1/2 pound misunderstood affections. Sprinkle with miserable silence. (And yes, almost-relationship breakups are just as painful.)

James Bay - Let It Go

2   seemingly compatible people

1   gaping hole

Sit against a wall or take an evening walk. Bawl your eyes out for 2 seemingly compatible people who grew apart. Try to understand that it was for you both. Take a grip of what you want and what that person needs. Listen with a warm beverage. Stare mindlessly at stars or open fields. Recover who you were before the relationship. Start again.

Created: Jun 18, 2017

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