(The Grace) of Now

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I don’t know how
To live right now,
And as I fly,
The time slips by
Right from my mind,
And to the right
Of now

Cold as ground,
No heart has found
the words to say
That make you stay,
And when you run,
You'll find your love
Of now

Seems like days
That never really fade -
Only comes around with age

So now, you face
Your days with no grace,
No smiles to be found
And leaves no sound,
And when you fly,
You'll find no time
For now

Only as one,
Without the sun
Is where you know
Just where you fold,
And when you fade,
You'll know the grace
Of now

(chase the day,
You'll find your faith,
Run with me,
Soon you'll see,
There's more to life
Than what you find
For now)

Because all that stands
Is all I am -
Returning to the soul,
As best as I can

Created: Jun 17, 2017


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