The Fall

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I've hated my brother.

I've hated how he would frown at me like I'm the most disgusting creature to exist,

Push me around the house, shout at me,

How he would not leave me the key whenever he leaves the house,

How he would eat my favorite cake when I already told him not to,

I wanted to leave this house, but I've got no choice. My mother lived in a countryside two hours away from my school, and there he was. A house near my school where I could reside until I graduate, an adult to look after me in case of emergency,

Our, his, father suggested we live together. They'll give us the necessities all we need is to study,

It was a bargain of my dignity in exchange for a much easy high school life. And ever since, he'd give me reasons to hate him. Regardless how small or big it is.

I really did hate him. Past tense.

It was that night. That night when he asked me, for the first time, to do something for him. It was a hot, summer night when I asked him to drive me to my mother's place since I can't drive and he does,

"It's a two hour drive, Carter please! If I knew how to drive I would've went myself."

"Take the bus, idiot." He grunted from his seat,

"Its too late at this hour for a bus." I reasoned,

"And I care? No. I'm not wasting my gas on you."

"I'll pay for your gas, please!"

"Goddamn it, George! I said no. Can't you see that I'm busy every now and then to hang out with my friends to make some spare time to drive you to your sick ass mother? Hell do I care about her and you!"

"It's just for two hours! They won't need you at this hour. Please! Father called me this afternoon and she really needs me to be there. If you want, you can just leave after you drop me. I understand that you don't like being around me because I came from another woman, but please! Can you just do it for once? I swear I'll do you a favor next week."

His eyes suddenly shone when I mentioned that, taking the offer.

"Fine. I'm not doing this for you or your mother's sake. I'm only doing this so I can make you do something I'm too busy to handle."

"Whatever you say, Carter." I muttered, already knowing that it will be something major like his school project or his friend's.

That's how important his friends were, more than me. His half blood, his brother from another mother.

A clap of thunder roared, the smell of rain lingered suddenly in the atmosphere, I took all my bags that were suffice to last for a week until my mother recovers, a week without my brother would ease my mind at least.

The engine roared to life and we were on the road. I wasted no time putting on earphones since I didn't want an awkward silence,

Our road trip consisted of looping cliff roads, fast blurring trees, and later on, the heavy drops of the angry rain. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a figure in the rain jolted us.

"Bear!" I shouted,

Carter hit the brakes at the speed of light, but the wet road didn't save us at all as we went flying over the metal fences,

Crashing and breaking of glass filled my ears, my body rocking with pain,

And we stopped.

I looked up and saw a small branch have stopped the motion of the car. I lifted my head, unhooked the seat belt that saved me from more serious injuries,

"Be careful." A voice hushed,

My brother Carter, was laying on the car's roof, his movements slow and careful. A huge gash on his forehead and his left feet dislocated,

"What are you doing, Carter let's hurry. You're in need of hospital." I groaned,

"Shut up, George. We're fifty feet below can't you see?"

A cracking sound made us stop our movements,

"Don't move so sudden or we'll die down there." He instructed as he lifted my feet and laying down completely,

"Grab that branch. You're closer and I'll hold onto you. Be careful." He said, his voice shaky.

Suddenly the smell of gasoline filled my nostrils,

"Do you smell that?" I asked as we climbed out the broken window,


My left hand grasped the branch as I held on it, my other hand reaching out to George. His hands took mine when the car tilted lower, a force pulling me down as my right hand felt heavier, the branch cracking even more,

"It's too heavy Carter! It's gonna break!" I cried,

The car soon went ablaze, rain, smoke and heat making my hand slip slowly from it's grasp.

Carter looked at me and then spoke.

"Listen to me, you dick. You're gonna get out there, get help and go to your mom. You're gonna be okay." He said,

"What are you talking about!" I screamed, tears filling my eyes as my right hand grasped his with more force,

"I'm gonna ask you a favor."

"What!" I screamed,

The car tilted lower, force making me weak,

"I never had friends. I lied. I want you to go out there, live and have lots of friends. I want you to do it for yourself and for me. Because I never did." His eyes were a shade of orange from the flames,

"I will and you'll be there too." I held his hand even tighter,

The branched cracked. He smiled as he let go of my hand. The car fell down, and within seconds, an explosion echoed.

That night, the person who've hated me as much I hated him, gave me another life in exchange for his own.

I hated him. I really did hate him.

I thought as tears flowed down my eyes with the drops of rain.

Created: Jun 16, 2017


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