melancolic Autumn

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In the southern hemisphere - in a few hours more - the summer is ending, we leave behind the heat and the luminosity of the summer, that time of the year that we enjoy approaching the sea, living outdoors, away from worries, feeling free, and The days are beginning to be cooler, more humid, with fewer hours of light that bring us closer to the beginning of autumn, a time impregnated with that sadness of feeling that we move away from something that we do not want to let go.

A special melancholy invades us without knowing why.

The average age saw religious motives for that melancholy, but the relationship between this mood and emotional state and the autumn months is attributed and thus has been shown by psychiatry to some desynchronization between some neurophysiological systems and daily light-dark rhythms, Which, in autumn, change substantially in relation to the summer.

However I prefer to think that autumn, gives us time of intimacy with ourselves, for inner work and reflection.

And just as nature changes its colors, as we once learned from children - the trees lose their leaves - we must also think that things of our life we ​​want to preserve and what we must let go of. Trees that drop their leaves, thus giving the hope of life of another time, we must let go of what we have left, to open ourselves to the new.

Autumn ... time to thank what has been received and to keep what is necessary for the coming winter, to put order in our minds, to reflect on the attachments, to concretice ideas, to evaluate projects, to get rid of the unnecessary and to conquer what we want.

Created: Jun 16, 2017


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