Just Breathe

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I came across this beautiful instrumental and this kind of wrote itself. An old friend of mine took his life a couple of months ago. We had lost touch but this is the conversation I imagine I would have had with him if we hadn't. 

I used two lines from ericstog that I found particularly beautiful and have been waiting/hoping to work into a song. I thought it was fitting here. 


Sinking under water

Oxygen deprived

These voices with their chatter

Wonder who am I.

Does it even matter,

Please tell me, eye to eye,

When I’m constantly in battle

Trying to survive.

Just breathe

Just breathe

Even dust has its shine

Even weeds grow in time, oh

Just breathe

Just breathe

Though the tides always rise

They sink back with some time, oh

When I’m sinking under water

When I’m oxygen deprived

Thinking does it even matter?

Trying to survive

Just breathe

Created: Jun 16, 2017

Tags: breathe, song, piano, strings, lyrics, survive

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