Not My Strongest Subject

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Feeling aren't my strongest subject

Because most of the time I feel like a reject

Different from most

I am as pale as a ghost

Fingernails painted black

Glasses have a tiny crack

I lose words to say

As I do through my day

I write instead

Sometimes it's not on paper just in my head

I am only thirteen and going to college

Well I guess that means that I have some knowledge

Sometimes I get lost

Or I was just was not useful anymore and tossed

I try to keep up with the world one step at a time

But I fall on my face and don't give a dime

Some people are good at helping others

Because they know how it feels when sadness covers

I always wonder things

Like why don't butterfly look like sticks of butter with wings?

Why is it so hard to let go of someone that wasn't there?

Like they vanished out of thin air

How do I feel normal when I am far different?

I am not noticed or insignificant.

I'm different but it's not a bad thing is it?

It's not that hard to admit

I am not going to change

I would rather look strange

souls are messed with

But my heart was locked by a locksmith

I'm different and strange.... but I kinda like it

Created: Jun 16, 2017


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