Just Friends To Me

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He called her every day just to hear her voice

She asked him out but he said no

But that was his choice

"I wanna get to see you more, you know?"

They are both in band

But in their head, they wish they could just hold each other's hand

Every word felt like it would come out wrong

He had curly hair and hers was straight and long

She didn't want to ask the question because of rejection

He loved her like a spreading infection

Unnoticed and unseen they walked across the beach

Just friends at first, then his hand began to reach

Saying what he thought he never would

He did something he knew he could

Grabbing the other hand

His knees on the land

Her standing in the sea

The words slipped out of his mouth and he said will you go out with me?

Screaming and shouting the answer

Looking around he slowly danced with her

Five years go by fast

It seemed like it would never last

But He had something special in mind

He wanted to have her life and his bind

Putting his knee in the sand

And starting to hold her hand

With her standing in the sea

He asked will you marry me? 

Created: Jun 16, 2017


Silentbutdeathly Document Media