Just A Little Bit

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I knew you like the back of my hand

But it was only when I completely washed the back of my hand off

And opened my eyes just a little bit wider

I have seen the true you

No, not you in the movies or in the classrooms

That was all scripted

But now I know that

I’ve seen you off camera and behind the scenes

Where there were no one to watch you put on a show

You are like a coin with two different sides

One side, what you lead me to believe

And the other, the true side of you I would have never been able to see

Unless I opened my eyes a little wider

Listened to your words that were bleeding through the truth just a little bit harder

If I just open my mind about you just a little bit longer

If I would’ve not sealed my opinion on your personality so soon

Maybe I would have seen it coming

I would have seen what you were capable of doing

I was with you all this time and didn’t know your plans

It has to start somewhere, but this is where it ends

I’m not good at playing pretend

Especially in your ocean of darkness

It's like I'm in a black abyss

Your secret is safe in my thoughts

But I am drowning

Because I don't know how to swim

my mouth is locked and I have lost the key

Couldn’t take a breath before the words surrounded me 

Created: Jun 16, 2017


Silentbutdeathly Document Media