No Future (Daniel Swan's effort)

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A busy melee of cars and people bustle around, going about their business on a busy crossing.

In a nearby alleyway, a large flash of green light is followed by a young, skinny man (ADAM) stumbling out. His checked shirt and jeans are smoking, as if he has just been on fire.

He frantically pats himself down, making sure there's no flames, but is clearly in some pain. People walking past stare at him, but do not stop.

He finally looks to his surroundings, and his face glows with wonder.

Spying a newspaper on the ground, he rushes over, falling to the ground in the process, and picks it up.

The date on it reads "Friday 25 August 2017". A smile slowly creeps across his face.


Well that's good enough, isn't it?

Adam looks around, all smiles.

Suddenly, his face drops, and he rushes back into the alleyway.

Exiting shortly afterward, Adam is now clutching a circular piece of metal with some DIY-looking wires hanging off it and a glowing, green central battery.

He wanders the street, enraptured by a fairly mundane scene.

Adam crosses over the street, delighted to be dodging traffic.

Once on the other side, Adam stops in his tracks. He turns and looks to his left. A small collection of flowers and notes surround a lamppost. Someone died here.

Adam slowly approaches the memorial. A piece of paper is only half stuck to the lamppost, fluttering slightly in the wind. Adam reaches out, smoothing the paper down, and looks at the photo on the page.

It is Adam. Adam is on the tribute. This is Adam's memorial. Adam died here.

Flashes of the messages and photos and flowers:


Adam realises something. He rushes away into another alleyway.


Adam rushes into the alleyway, dropping the metallic plate on the floor.

He spots a bucket underneath a drainpipe. It's full of rainwater and cigarette butts. He picks it up and pours it over himself.

Rushing back to the plate, hands shaking, Adam fumbles the wires around his head, sticking them onto his temples.

He grabs a button from one of the wires, and presses it.

A large green flash of light envelops him.


Water cascades down from a shower head onto Adam. He wears a checked shirt and jeans and carries a backpack.

He checks that every part of him, his clothing, and his bag are entirely soaked. Convinced they are, he turns off the tap.

There is a moment of quiet, the only sound being the drip drip drip of water falling off him. He breathes heavily.


Please work...

Adam steps out of the shower, almost directly onto a circular metal plate on the floor. The plate has many DIY-looking wires and diodes coming off of it, all connecting to a central box, glowing green.

Adam stoops to pick up some of the wires, wrapping them around his head and sticking them to his temples.

A video camera stands on a tripod, already recording. Adam looks into it.


Test 144. Human trial 17. Monday the 21st of August, 2017. As ever, I am looking to arrive within 1 mile of this spot 7 days from now on Monday the 28th of August, 2017. Wish me luck.

Adam breathes hard, gearing himself up for the journey.

He winces. Squats slightly. Presses a button. The green light from the base plate flashes into the room.

Instantly, Adam is smoking, the water having served a a conductor for whatever energy the device uses. He jumps off the plate, in pain.



Adam quickly peels his shirt off and rolls his trousers down, to ease the pain. 

Breathing heavily, he leans on the sink, despondent. He turns to the camera.


Test failed. Badly. The burning is new. I guess it's a good sign. I don't know. I need to get some more aluminium.

Dejected, Adam turns off the camera and leaves the bathroom.


Adam leaves a large block of flats, face like thunder and gait to match. He storms off the property.

To the side of the block of flat, a familiar green flash of light erupts out of a dumpster.

There is silence, before the lid of the dumpster is flung open and Adam (now ADAM 2), bedraggled and smoldering, collapses out.

He lies on the floor for a second, catching his breath, before forcing himself to his feet and running towards the block.


We hear the front door open and close, before the door to the bathroom is opened. Adam 2 sees there is no one in there, and leaves, frustrated.


Adam 2 sprints towards the intersection, eyes scanning the crowd. He allows himself only a moment to acknowledge the alleyway of his successful journey.

Suddenly, he notices something in the crowd. A familiar back. Crossing the street. Almost at the other side. Adam.



Adam hears this, and turns. He sees his own face staring back at him, and he is transfixed. Reflexively, he starts to walk towards this ghost.

Adam 2 smiles. Adam speeds up, still not in control of his limbs. Adam 2 notices something and puts his hand out.



Adam turns just in time to see the bright lights of a truck barreling towards him.

The truck brakes too late. A crunching collision.

Adam 2, like the crowd around him, is shocked. He can't take it in.

People crowd around Adam's body. Someone looks back to Adam 2. Their face drops.

Adam 2 realises the situation. He knows he has to run, and he runs.


Created: Jun 15, 2017


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