Pirates and Booty

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Pirates and booty-

When it comes to treasure-

They get a little moody

When it comes to their coochie

Ain't nothin but gucci

Drink rum, sippin sun,

Havin fun, gettin krunk

Black beard and Jack

Man they go way back

Jack lost his eye in a shark attack

Black stepped in

Punched the beast in the back

Since then the two relax

Smoke hash- and remember the past

Both have kids all over the Atlantic

Raisin them right- traveling the planet

Agenda for a Pirate Life

Rule 1- Know how to fight

Rule 2- Stay calm don't panic

Rule 3- Keep the brotherhood tight

Rule 4- Stay humble don't HAM it

2 Best friends- sailing through life

Living the struggle- fighting the strife

Both drink through the night

Wake in the morning-

and thank the sun for her light.

Created: Jun 15, 2017

Tags: random, pirates, treasure, adventure, rap, poetr, prose, free verse

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