Waiting To Be Seen

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Something always brings me back to you

No matter how much time passes by,

I keep coming back

And I’m falling and I’ve fallen

And even though you’re far away, stuck in reality,

I can still feel you standing right there beside me.


There are names and days and faces that

float around, slipping in between

but I linger here, just waiting to be seen

as I have seen you.


Our hands so perfectly aligned

Interlacing backwards, inverted knuckle to knuckle

No words are spoken, no sound escapes

Only one side look and the common understanding

of what is happening and what is silently exchanged.

And as I turn to you in the soft warm light...


You stare at me and that understanding is gone

Faded away in the harsh light of day and time ticks on

And once again I’m just foolishly waiting here with my memory


And just when I think it’s over, it’s done and

you’ve stopped haunting me

I’m back with you- I’m drawn in by your strength

Surrounded by your security and I can't breathe

but that’s all wiped away by the brutal light of now and day,

and once again I’m just waiting here,

just waiting to be seen as I have seen you.

Created: Jan 30, 2011


PetitsMots Document Media