Close Your Eyes It Will Be Okay

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Colors combined

Lost in the world

Our perspectives are different

She says she is ok

Even though she isn't

You notice it too

Over and over saying things she doesn't mean

Understanding they are not true

Respecting her opinions

Even though yours is different

Your eyes can’t open and hers can’t close

Enjoyed the fun as much as you could before you dose

Sadly it is coming to an end

In the dark

The peace slowly creeps in

When you want it, it is not there

In the end

Light disappears

Laughter is silenced

Believing is stronger

Everyone is sleeping besides you and her

Feeling like you wanna sleep but can't

Imprinted that sleep is bad

Nothing can hurt you though

Everyone has a strength and a weakness

Created: Jun 15, 2017


Silentbutdeathly Document Media