HHR - Ep5: Enter DL (REMIX)

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- JOE and FELIX strut through the hallway with attitude as if they have theme music.

- Joe places his WATCH hand causally on multiple apartment DOORS; each creating a LETTERBOX. 

- Felix flicks her hair before stabbing a MINION in the eye with a METAL DRUMSTICK; Joe gives her a 'thumbs up'.

- Joe and Felix click their fingers in sync mid strut as if they can hear the music.

- Felix offers Joe a high five with her left hand, Joe points to her right hand, she refuses to offer him her right hand, Joe shakes his head opting out of the high five.

- Joe tosses his HAT behind him without looking - it knocks out all attacking minions simultaneously before returning to his hand.

- Felix slides multiple METAL GUITAR PICS out of her left hand like she's making it 'rain' at a go go bar, while on the back of Joe's bicycle; he laughs heartily as minions slip over and impale themselves on their own WEAPONS.

- Joe breaks out into a full dance routine; Felix 'washes her hands' of this ending the strut.



Felix is sat on a WINDOWSILL playing a NEON GUITAR; Joe admires her skill while waiting  for a LETTER to fly from his SATCHEL to the non existent letterbox. 

Felix feels Joe's eyes on her and allows the guitar to evaporate.

JOE:  I didn't mean to stare... You're good.

FELIX:  You sound surprised.

JOE:  (smiles) Don't get defensive.

FELIX:  Don't act like you know me then.

Joe grins not taking Felix's words to heart; its then he realises there's no letterbox.

JOE:  Odd.

FELIX:  What is?

JOE:  That you haven't told me how you died yet.

FELIX: Why is there no letterbox?

JOE:  At least explain the hand thing.

Felix grabs Joe's watch hand studying it; the hands on the watch are circling at rapid speed.

FELIX: We gotta go.

JOE:  Wow, you will do anything to avoid talking about yourself.

FELIX:  How about you focus instead of trying to flirt with me.

JOE:  (Unimpressed) I don't do kids.

FELIX:  I'm not a kid.

BLACK MIST crawls out from under the door; unbeknown to Joe and Felix.

JOE:  Well, I wouldn't know, I don't know anything about you.  Don't even know if I can trust you.

The mist circles their ankles.

FELIX:  I've more than proven my loyal to this cause.

JOE:  Yeah, loyalty to what you want, doesn't mean loyalty to me.

The mist starts to create cracks in the floor underneath them.

FELIX:  Why would I be loyal to you?  You're a means to an end...

JOE: Oh stop with the tough guy act.  You need me way more than I need...

The ground gives way; Joe and Felix fall several feet.


Joe and Felix land on the floor of the elevator; unconscious.

THE ATTENDANT leans over them with a sneer. 

THE ATTENDANT:  (to himself) I thought they'd never shut up.


Lush exquisite taste from round the globe fills the space; Joe unconscious strapped to a DENTIST'S CHAIR looks out of place.  Joe wakes to see a man wearing a SMOKING JACKET sucking on a CIGAR staring at him; his face softens when he realises Joe is awake.

Joe begins to struggle, trying to free himself from his RESTRAINTS.

DL:  Best you save your strength, you've not eaten I'll imagine.  But I can take care of that.

JOE:  I don't know who you are, but you better let me go if...

DL:  Why of course where are my manners; The Dark Landlord at your service, but you can call me DL.


Created: Jun 15, 2017

Tags: script, fiction, dialogue, theme, remix, request, haunted high rise, davecfilmgeek, horror, comedy, suspence, i love this project, lattesundae, screenplay, dark, supernatural

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