Dear Dad

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Remember when you taught me to ride a bike? It was dark and it was late and the light from the street lamp was the only thing that lit us, and I would climb up over and over again on that yellow and black bicycle, you held me up,You held me so I would not lose my balance and after gaining confidence, you decided to do something, and do you know what happened next? You let me go !!!!! And I fell to the floor, I was so upset with you, you told me to go up and I did and again you let me go alone and again I fell to the floor, again and again the same thing.

Let me tell you the truth dear Dad i was annoyed and frustrated every time you asked me to get on the bike, I wanted to leave and not know more about that damn thing, until you suddenly ran behind me and you released me as you had done so many times and I managed to keep my balance, and what a surprise!!! And what happiness !!!! In a moment i forgot my annoyance and frustration towards you and change it for happiness and triumph and I must tell the truth with a feeling of pride and confidence.

So, dear dad, I never told you, but thanks for teaching me how to ride a bike and for being so persevering, this memory is one of the most beautiful I have with you and every time I tell it I do it with a lot of pride and a smile on my face, I love you papá.

Created: Jun 15, 2017


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