Warfare Weather

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I don't have the resources to properly record my version of the track. So, if there's anybody who find my writings interesting here it is.

Verse 1

This is a storm you can't weather

Endless like every line

The alphabet better ready every letter

Coz no one bets against an alpha like mine

My verses are priceless

While yours are barely made of gold

You'll rot while I remain timeless

I'm the legend that'll forever be told

I'm the advocate of change

Inside is a beast with no beauty

Reality will hit you strange

Better run before it gets ugly

Verse 2

Our job is to steal air

While we swim in this red sea

We bait these fishes that are unaware

That the color of their deeds is the last color they'll see

The fire will never cease

Unless red will turn to white

This is not the only cure to the disease

That's why I continue to write

Verse 3

We live, We die

Relive, Rely

Upon these images upon our eyes

As every hi soon turns to goodbye

Some are wishing upon shooting stars

Some are up on shooting stars

Wishing all the pandemonium scars

Will soon heal as the silence starts

We smoke to forget

As we start talking to walls

We drunk to forget

As we start losing our souls

But the beat goes on

As another beat goes off

Bullets sweating down from the throne

As the bullets meet their skulls

Created: Jun 15, 2017

Tags: lyrics, poetry, rap, warfare weather

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