I Wish the Best Was With Me

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When I met you 

Your SMILE stopped me in my tracks, I almost dropped the pizza in my hand

When I met you your eyes reminded me of my favorite whiskey

I could get drunk off you, your caresses chilled the fire my heart kept igniting

You made me feel things I have never felt.... 

I gave you my body and my soul, but what did you give me?

Silence. Dropped me off at the nearest one word answers. 

You said that you wouldn't change, you said for me to do what I felt was right, I said You need to find a girl okay with that. 

Find a girl who is okay that you walk don't walk her to her car after dark. 

Find a girl who is okay with you walking ahead of them in a public setting.

Find a girl who is okay with you not texting her back, even after she gives you her body and soul the night before. 

Find a girl who is okay with being told that you don't want her to meet your parents yet.

Find a girl who is okay with being forgotten, left to ponder if her virginity was something to conquer or to just have ticked off your bucket list. 

I wish you the best, honestly, I do. I just wish that best was with me. 

Created: Jun 15, 2017


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