30 Days

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With all the fights that are going on

I don't know if I can be holding on

Cracks in these bricks

I wonder if this ever could ever be fixed

The raindrops are dropping in a pattern

I am sitting on this bench when you walk up to me and ask me what's the matter? and

I can barely look up at you

After all the pain that I put you through

but I am crying out my eyes

They're turning all red

You thought it was because I couldn't sleep and you said

Use my arm as a bed

I’m sorry you were misled

But I hug you instead

What's going on? Are you ok?

Yeah, it's just been a long day

He starts wiping my tears

It's strange because it feels like I have known him for years

But I have only known him for a month

30 days that he has seen me like this

People that I would tell anything to, he would be at the top of the list

30 days that he has seen me like this

30 days.... 30 days of starving

30 days of scarfing

30 days of puking up and barfing

30 days of stress

30 days of going to school looking like a hot mess

But all it takes is 30 days

You can know a lot about someone in 30 days

You can lose someone in 30 days

Created: Jun 14, 2017


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