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ANGEL: Alright Sir, what's on the agenda for today.


ANGEL:  What exactly is a June Bug.  

GOD:   It's basically a beetle.  

ANGEL: Sir, we already have many different types of beetles, why don't we make something else, something unique.  

GOD:  No, you don't get it.  We are going to take the body of a beetle and  put itty bitty wings on it.  

ANGEL: That won't work.  It won't be able to control its flight pattern.  It will crash into EVERYTHING.  It will fall from the sky.      

GOD:  Exactly!!!

ANGEL:  And the point of that is???

GOD:  Just wait until I create humans and you see how they react to spiders on them.  Beatles pelting them from the night sky will be hilarious.  

ANGEL:  So the sole point of this is  for your amusement.  

GOD:  Trust me everyone will find this funny.  

ANGEL:  Except the one getting pelted.  

GOD:  Eh you win some, you lose some.  

Created: Jun 14, 2017

Tags: fiction, god creates, creation

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