me and the night

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far away in the heart of the city there's a lighthouse that brights shiny for me only in the midst of the night where I am the lone survivor of the never ending dark that tries to surrender everything; and the silent of the night joins hands with the wind that blows into my ears and screams fear.

when the sun is gone and the night is lonely, I whisper to the night that he needs not fear death nor the shadows, for though we are counted easily : one and two, together we become infinity but the dark stands naked as one. And still there's the one in the lighthouse with a lantern of hope who claws the face of the darkness and chases it away with scars of light that promises a wish for a prosperity until the sun dawns the next morning in the land of tomorrow. 

Created: Jun 14, 2017

Tags: peom, peotry, night, dawn

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