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[I realised that some people don't know what a praying mantis is so, in the references below you will find a picture].

ANGEL: Alright Sir, what's on the agenda for today.

GOD: Well...I had a dream last night and I was inspired.

ANGEL: Great a nice peaceful dream, I bet this is going to be a cute cuddly animal.

GOD: No today we are going to create an insect.

ANGEL: Ok well I did like ladybugs and butterflies were a true inspiration, so pretty and graceful.....

GOD: It's going to be green with beady eyes, but only one ear and long legs. I want the front legs to come together in a boxing stance...no a praying stance. I want it to look peaceful and spiritual, but ready to lash out and snap its enemies heads off at any moment. Oh yeah and the best part when the female mates she is going to rip the males head off and eat him.

ANGEL: [looking horrified at God] Umm sir....that was a nightmare you had. And being a man...well...don't you think its a little odd about the mating thing. Seems a little...well morbid from a male stand point.

GOD: Well..maybe so, but we will give the females the win on this one (trust me they will need it)

Created: Jun 14, 2017

Tags: preying mantis, god creates, creation, fiction

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