"Mission To Earth" Intro...

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A rocket-shaped cake "explodes" into sparklers. (O.S.) A crowd bursts into cheers and champagne bottles pop. Into view comes a banner:

"Safe Travels, Crew!"

--followed by our 5 heroes: TED (30's), HELEN (40's), CHUCK (30's), BILLY (20's), and WILLIAM (50's). They wear space helmet-shaped party hats.

CROWD: Smile!

The 5 grin. Flashes go off.


Ted takes a seat at the bar and orders a drink. Dance music blares in the background.

Next to him sits drunk PEGGY (40's). She orders another drink and seems to try hard not to make eye contact with Ted. Her lips are tense as if trying to hold something in.

TED: Crazy, right? It's finally happening. Can you believe it?!

Peggy breaks into sobs. Tears flow, snot sprays. Ted is somewhat disgusted but concerned at the same time.

TED: You okay, ma'am? Peggy, right? You're one of our Earth... ground grew?

Peggy loses it. It becomes apparent that she's not upset but rather laughing really hard.

PEGGY: Yeah. Mmmm. I'll be on the ground. Just like you, buddy.

TED: What?

PEGGY: Arizona de-uhh...

Peggy throws up next to Ted and then staggers to the bathroom, leaving Ted utterly befuddled. 

His eyes travel over to his partying teammates having a blast... to the space rocket cake, singed from the sparklers, crooked and half-eaten.

Title card:  2 Years Later

Created: Jun 13, 2017

Tags: mars, mission, fake, short film, cake, party, alcohol, astronauts

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