Are Shadow People Vegans?

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Let's start developing the habits of these shadow people, we already have characteristics, so now let's give them personalities. We also need to start developing a plot for theses shadow people. They need a common ground subject that either separates them or brings them together. What do they eat? Are they afraid of water? What is their main purpose? I saw a picture of a Shadow Meeting, what are they meeting about? What is the difference between a shapeshifter and a shadow person? Or are shadow people shapeshifters? How do they feel about ghosts?

They need a world where they can simultaneously exist. Or maybe that is the plot, that they do know eachother exists but they have to find out how they can all be together at once. The gloam, the midlights, long rays and the noon days. They all want to coexist in the same time frame. How do we get them there? Eventually if we want to turn this into video they need habits and they need purpose. Let's push it forward. They also need to be relatable to people if we're going to make this work. If you think of any pixar movie there is always a relatable human aspect i.e. monsters inc. is one of the huge ones. So more to ponder is how they feel about humans. Do they like them or dislike them? Or do they think that humans are ghosts? These are things we need to take into consideration to keep the idea progressing. Elaborate, Emphasize, Empathize. 

Created: Jan 29, 2011


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