Snow-Mountain in Austria by Sigi - view from the top

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I made this photo just last week as I had a memory trip of the routs our GRANDPARENTS father-side with my aunt I love a lot. She still knows all the places I visited in my childhood and as she is the only person left from this side of our family-tree I want to see all these special memory spots...

There we have been on the top of our "SCHNEEBERG" (about 2000 m high) means in english snow-mountain - in German Schnee means snow and BERG is a mountain... 

When I was little my grandparents very often were wandering with me to all mountains around our area. They gave me this strong Nature feeling I always have in me. They had no car until they died - still we saw more beautiful things with them at that time in frech air and natural health. We did not just sit in front of computers or TV in a room all they like most of the children do these days. We were playing outside and were happy with small experiences. So we learned to appreciate NATUR much more and I think this could also be a big new topic right now as MR.TRUMP does the opposite  !!!!

Lucky enough to have such a clear and sunny day I could make this shot... hope you like my home spot as much as I do my friends 

Created: Jun 13, 2017

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