Fears of being home alone

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Tonight is my first night of the summer to be home alone. I'm laying in bed, several lights around the house are on, I'm watching a crime show rerun in the hopes of falling asleep. Not a good choice of programming to be watching when all I can think about is, what if someone breaks in? 

I have my bedroom door double locked and a gun that is easy to access in case I need to use it, but it still doesn't completely ease my mind. The door could be kicked in and I may not be quick enough to get the gun out and ready. 

I'll probably lay here all night, scrolling through a few apps on my phone, half- ass watching this show until I can't stay awake any longer. 

This is what keeps me up at night when I'm home alone. Maybe tomorrow I'll make better use of it by arting, or reading. Tonight I'll just hope sleep comes sooner than later .... and that no-one does attempt to break into my house. 

Created: Jun 13, 2017


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