I Am Present

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I’m not perfect, I’m not prim

I’m not proper, poise, or parliament

I’m not punctual, I’m not polite

I’m not prepared, preset, or preserved as a delight

I am pouty, I am pompous

I am perpetually a rumpus

I am perplexed, profound, and passive

I am psychotic and patriotic lacking

I’m not predominant and peaceful,

In fact,

I am a petite and painful riot,

Discreetly posing as a science

I am paranoid and parallel,

Perilously pining for precognitive political probiotics

I am picky, I am parched

I’m not pretend, permeable, or pretense

I am present

I am present

I am present

Created: Jun 12, 2017

Tags: prose, poetry, lyrics, free verse, alliteration

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