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Hey Steve, are you there?

Yeah dude.

Man, do you feel weird? I can't feel my legs.

Hmmm, me neither...thats weird.

All I see is endless white...why aren't you freaking out man?

I dunno, I feel all light and floaty. It feels pretty good.

Steve, dude, look down. I can't see my arms or my legs.

Yeah, me neither.

All I see is a big clear gelatinous blob. Did we turn into amoebas or something?

Wow, cool!

Dude, how do I drive this thing? I feel like I am having a major Gregor Samsa moment in an alternate universe right now.... Maybe even an existential crisis coming on.

I feel like a big squishy marsh mellow in the center of the universe. Righteous!

Steve, how are you ok with this!?!

Created: Jun 12, 2017

Tags: somewhere, universe, gregor samsa, blob, transformation, white, scary, mellow, dude

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