letter to my younger self

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little dove,

i begin, where you end.

everything you sensed to be truth was forgotten or lost, but it's alright I'm getting all that back. mentors you look up to, will tell you your experiences are impossible, but please know it's the limits of their understanding.

you take things so personally, blaming yourself when it isn't your fault, feeling guilty for what you never did and all because you feel what others feel. i've had to work on this the hardest, but i'm making progress in detachment.

i don't know why your spirit didn't break: all i know is that i'm only here today because of your inner strength. you don't have anything to be ashamed of. i'm a more whole person because you were willing to learn the lessons.

you will never feel you're good enough, so accepting this part of your character is the key, to accepting the opportunities the universe offers. it's closely aligned to self-belief. i also keep working hard on this one, to accept myself.

obviously, you like to take 'the scenic route' in life, so be patient with the long, twisting, winding paths on your journey. maybe some day it'll become a smooth road, but i've yet to reach that. you always survive. i love you for that.

i'll honour your sacrifices.

little phoenix.

Created: Jun 12, 2017

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