the stranger comedian!

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I was sitting in a small bar, the smell of cigars and beer had filled my nose! A stranger entered with a long dogged rain coat. Her eyes were shining bright even behind the thick smoke in the air! She was looking for a place to sit, but all the seats were taken except for the one besides me! I pointed at her and then pointed at the seat. I thought with myself: this could either be an interesting late night conversation or could be my biggest mistake for the day!" 

She sat and ordered the biggest beer in the bar. I thought" oh, my! She is so troubled! I asked her what was wrong! She said" I am a clown" , I said back to her: " so? everyone does something for a living" she said as she was lighting a cigar " do you know what does it mean to be a comedian?" I nodded in contrast. She said" from the morning till the end of the night I laugh at people's most desperate problems! by the end of the night it is yet an other day!" as she showed me her heart out of her chest, I could hear the saddest of cries trapped in it!  the voices were crying for help!

Then she took a mirror out of her pocket and she looked into it and said to me "I see nothing" , She passed the mirror to me and said" look at the mirror! what do you see?" I looked and I saw nothing! So I drank the rest of the beer and swallowed the twist of bittersweet elixir of life! My head grow heavy and my eyes went dim, I looked into the mirror and I saw the clown!

I started running for the door! knowing that the clown was me, knowing that all clowns run from the morning to the night to put the bread on their table and the beer in the glass!Knowing that I was running circles around life, but hopping that one day everyone will understand. can you run from yourself? 

Created: Jun 12, 2017


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