WAG! : dog walker's perspective

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Single dog, leashed plus one dog bonus fly-by at the end

58 seconds

Dog walker's perspective or POV

Subject : Unidentified walker is @Pathfinder (my husband, Mark) with newest family member, Sedge. Both behaved well as I scrambled along with camera, Groucho Marx style, over uneven ground. ;-) Maybe there will be a few seconds of usable video somewhere in there!

[We're functioning on internet speed which is slower than some 3rd world countries' (srsly) (it's sooo challenging!), so no working file has been attached. If needed, it is available upon request.]

Created: Jun 11, 2017

Tags: 16:9, hd, live action, b-roll, outdoor, daytime, raw footage, digital, handheld, man, dog, canine, leash, green, grass, trees, .wmv file, no audio, rural, kentucky, stray dog, animal rescue, wag!, dog walker, dog walker pov, dog walkers's perspective, sunny day

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