Weight and Sound

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Bullets are worth their weight in lead.  Which now that I think about it, is a freighting thing to say aloud.  Isn't strange how somethings are simply true, but when you say them for everyone to hear somehow it just sounds like a threat.  A hollow unintended threat.  Like a soldier with his weapon slung walking through a crowd of civilians, just an ominous presence almost unaware of itself.  not at all like the munitions factory, where the rhythmic clinking of the great arms machine has an almost peaceful sound.  Soon that's all that will be left, the days where they scream and charged into battle are fading.  More and more they just stare down the sights and all anyone hears is the quick bark of the barrel, a soft chirping in the distance.

Created: Jun 11, 2017


SuburbanPeace Document Media