You are stronger than his ocean

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He leaves.

That's how all broken heart stories start, right?

He leaves and you crumble, like oceans have opened up in your living room and washed away all the strength you harboured,

Tearing holes through your skin and leaving salt in the wounds while sharks circle around,

Your heart still somehow pumping blood that flows into the flood,

Mixing with water and turning a dull pink before dissipating into nothing,

Just like he did,

There and then riding the waves out while you drown,

Slowly sinking below the rising tide,

And he reaches the shore and walks away, dripping wet but safe,

While you float further away from the security of land.

But wait dear,

Hold your head above the water,

Because one day you'll reach the soft sands of an island,

And it will caress you with gentle winds and sweet fruits,

And you will find peace yet again in the shallow beaches.

Created: Jun 11, 2017

Tags: prose, poetry, script, story, dialogue, free verse, non-fiction, fiction, love, heartbreak, abandonment, ocean, water, peace, self love

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