Mission to Earth - Outline

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NASA announces mission to Mars in 2 years and calls for volunteers to live on the first colony for 5 months

Volunteers are selected and trained (a botanist, a physicist, a geologist, a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, a chemist, etc)

They are training by living similar conditions so they stay on NASA facilities since they are picked

One of the volunteers goes snooping around.

They will travel in hibernation chambers and be in charge of setting things up on Mars. A company is sponsoring the trip so everything will be televised reality TV style.

Volunteer snooping around discovers a television studio with several sets depicting Mars' landscapes and a ship. He assumed it's for takes for the show.

When they are awaken from hibernation, and they set foot on Mars, the volunteer realizes that it's all fake, as those were the sets he had seen.

Volunteer begins investigating and trying to figure out who he can trust to expose what's happening.

He trusts the captain and tells him. But the captain's in on it and he threatens him. The captain starts making him look lunatic, just in case. Seeing this the volunteer comed up with a plan to expose the whole thing on live TV.

Will he succeed? (I'll leave it open here)

Created: Jun 10, 2017

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