What will he know.

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It has been 9 months since the start of the project, and it seemed like it would finish just in time. Time was something we didn't have, not anymore. Everything was starting to fall apart. When it all started we didn't know, we were still so young.

Now was not the time for such futile sentiment. I turned to my fellow lab associate, the taint clear on his body. This disease running its course in him did as it did all of us. "Whats the status?" i asked as he turned watched the monitors carefully. 

"Everything is going as it should, according to the records." he replied in a cool tone, as if nothing was wrong. "According to the data, it will be fin...."

"He..." i interrupted. "It is a 'He', designation Adam."

"Yes, then.." My associate continued with a soft emotionless flicker in his eyes" 'Adam' will be complete at the same time as 'Eve' according to the data i have on display. The other keepers are on schedule as well with no hindrances."

"Good" i responded "It's been so long, our task is....... almost complete". There it was again. It was almost as if i didn't know what to say next, or at least couldn't force myself to say it. This problem has been surfacing more and more lately. Time must be running out.

 I looked down at the monitors that displayed both heartbeats. "They both appear in good health too. But they won't be like us." i said as i stared down where my left hard had been, a sickening red hue remained near the middle of my bicep. The rest of my arm had been lost to the sickness. "They won't have to deal with the rot."

"That is why we made them" my associate responded without hesitation. "They are immune to the rot."

"What do you think they will know?" i asked.

"They will know what we know. They will be shown" He responded.

"They don't understand like we do. They have to be shown slowly." I said, wondering what the future will have in store for them. I already knew what was coming for us. I could feel the rot setting in, every passing moment i felt as if some part of me no longer existed. "It will take them an entire lifetime to understand. What if they see things differently?"

"They both have the same sight" he responded, still observing the date without pause"

"That does not mean they see like we do. They had to be created differently" but he already knew that. He knew they were not going to be born like us and that they would not be able to reproduce like we do. "They will have a hard time understanding" i said out loud though i knew he did not think like me. He had never adapted as some of us had. 

"Adam is moving to the next stage" he said suddenly. "He has reached maturity."

I didn't know how to respond. This was the moment we had been waiting for but it was finally here. Our part of the task was to be complete. "Send him to the next phase then, it's the caretakers jobs now." i said but could already hear him entering commands on the computer. I would have gotten the same response with fewer words.

"Task complete. What should we do now?" He said turning to me with a whir of mechanical clicks as his blank eye looked over to me. A red hole where the other had been the wiring and circuitry visible underneath his rotted flesh. 

I realized just how badly the rot was in him. "I'm not sure. I don't think....... we have much time left." But i knew what we could do from here.

"What should we do now?" he asked again, seemingly awaiting a command.

After all this time, he had never learned to think. He had received the same data that i had, why was i the only one that thought? He had simply never adapted. "Incubator #2, power down" I said, knowing that this would never change.

"Thank you, and goodbye" he spoke before the power seemed to leave eyes, there was a sharp crack meaning the shutdown had not gone as it should have. He probably would not boot again. The rot must have been deep in him.

"We go out of this world as they come in to it, with no knowledge" I spoke as a cycled through my data banks one last time, knowing that i had done my job. "I wonder if they will realize how important that is one day, that they are able to choose what they want to learn. Instead of...... having all the information..... in the world thrust into them when they....... awaken the first time." i said before i felt the sharp crack inside me, everything slowly fading away from me, like a fleeting thought. "I wonder... if.... that wou.....ld be..... po.....et....i....."

Created: Jun 09, 2017


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